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we no who u r // nick cave and the bad seeds

and we know who you are
and we know where you live
and we know there’s no need to forgive

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jubilee street is so amazing i get so emotional every fucking time i listen to it but like happy emotional i feel like this weird rejuvenation and pride


Blixa Bargeld, Swedish radio interview from 1989. Includes Blixa’s opinion on the unexpected popularity of Haus der Lüge and the lyrics.

"I don’t dream in a different language, either." - Blixa Bargeld.

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i may have school in 4 hours but instead of sleeping i am playing the sims with a sim that looks a little too much like myself and a sim that looks a little too much like blixa bargeld

they are engaged and currently on vacation in france and u kno what THEYRE HAVING A GREAT TIME

i assume myself to be the kind of person who someone will be really interested in at first and then they’ll talk to me and realize I’m lame as shit and only talk to me to be nice


does that go 4 me

nick cave is standing in the way of my happiness beat him up 4 me


everyone on my dash is so sad right now like i want to kiss u all on the head please dont be sad……….. I love u 

look at this stupid fucking picture of nick hes so stupid now smile